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Forms for State Employees & Officials

Starting October 1, 2017, all financial disclosure statements must be submitted electronically, there are no exceptions. Questions? Contact the Commission at 410-260-7770.

Listing of Financial Institutions that did Business with the State

Ethics TrainingEthics Training

Financial Disclosure Form 01  InstructionsFinancial Disclosure Form 01 Instructions

Financial Disclosure Form 02  InstructionsFinancial Disclosure Form 02 Instructions

Financial Disclosure Form 19  InstructionsFinancial Disclosure Form 19 Instructions

Financial Disclosure Identification ManualFinancial Disclosure Identification Manual

Form 25Form 25

Form 25 - Request for Secondary EmploymentForm 25 - Request for Secondary Employment

Form 8 - Request to Delete POSITIONForm 8 - Request to Delete POSITION

Form 9 - Request to Add POSITIONForm 9 - Request to Add POSITION

Form 9A and 8A - Request to Add/Delete PERSONForm 9A and 8A - Request to Add/Delete PERSON
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