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Mandatory Training

The Public Ethics Law requires new financial disclosure filers to receive two hours of Ethics training within six months of being required to file. The training covers all areas of the Public Ethics Law but focuses mainly on conflicts of interest and standards of conduct. Failure to complete the mandatory training requirement may result in referral of the matter to the agency head for disciplinary action as that authority deems appropriate.  Additionally, the State Ethics Commission may publish on its web site the names of those individuals who have not completed the mandatory training.

Online Training

The Commission’s online training for financial disclosure filers can be accessed from your financial disclosure account at

You will need to create an account in the training system by using the same email address you used to access your financial disclosure account.

Ethics Training Quick Reference Guide

Topics Covered in Ethics Training

    • Introduction and Seeking Commission Advice
    • Conflicts Generally
    • Participation Restrictions
    • Secondary Employment Restrictions
    • Financial Interests Restrictions
    • Post-Employment Restrictions
    • Gift Restrictions
    • Prestige of Office
    • Confidential Information
    • Enforcement of the Public Ethics Law

Training Classes

If you prefer, the Commission offers training classes throughout the year.If you are interested in attending a class please reserve a seat in an upcoming class by completing a registration form (download form first and then save) and emailing it to