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Proposed Regulation Changes / Comments

At its October 12, 2021 meeting, the State Ethics Commission approved amendments to the following Regulations:

19A.01.01 – Procedures;

19A.03.01 – Financial Disclosure by Members of Boards and Commissions;

19A.03.03 – Financial Disclosure by Public Officials, State Officials and Candidates to be State Officials;

19A.04.01 – Local Government Ethics Law, General Procedures;

19A.04.02 – Local Government Review Criteria;

Subtitle 04 – Appendix A and B – Local Government Ethics Law, Model Laws A & B;

19A.05.01 – Board of Education Ethics Regulations, General Provisions;

19A.05.02 – Board of Education Review Criteria; and

Subtitle 05 – Appendix A and B – Model Board of Education Ethics Regulations

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These amendments will be published in the November 19, 2021 issue of the Maryland Register for a 30-day comment period, which will conclude on December 19, 2021.  Comments on the amendments may be submitted to either or The amendments will be considered for final adoption by the State Ethics Commission at its January 6, 2022 meeting.