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Mandatory Training

The State Ethics Law requires the Ethics Commission to provide a training course for regulated lobbyists and prospective regulated lobbyists at least twice each year regarding the provisions of the Maryland Public Ethics Law relevant to regulated lobbyists. One such course is required to be conducted in the month of January.

The Law also requires a lobbyist to attend training within six months of initially registering as a lobbyist (or if the initial registration is for less than six months, prior to any subsequent registration) and thereafter within two years of the previously-completed training. The State Ethics Commission may publish on its website a list of lobbyists who have not completed the statutorily mandated training.

Basic Lobbyist Training covers the Public Ethics Law including the lobbying registration, reporting and conduct requirements. Advanced Lobbyist Training is for individual lobbyists who have had the Basic Training and will address selective topics and any changes in the Law.

NOTE: Effective October 1, 2014, the Public Ethics Law authorizes the Commission to enforce the training requirement in the same manner as it enforces other lobbying violations.

Online Training

The easiest way to complete training is online. This is accomplished via our Lobbying Electronic Filing System using the same account in which you file registrations, activity reports, gift reports and event reports.  Please DO NOT create another account if you have one already.  Once logged in, you will discover that the training link is located below “History” on the upper left side of the screen.  Be sure to finish the entire training session to obtain a certificate and to ensure the training requirement is met and recorded by the Commission.  You can stop the training at the END of any chapter and return to the point you stopped to view the remaining chapters when you log in again.  The training should take at least 1½ to 2 hours to complete.

Training Classes

If you prefer, the Commission offers training classes throughout the year. If you are interested in attending a class please reserve a seat in an upcoming class by completing a registration form and faxing it to the Commission at 410-260-7746.

Topics Covered in Lobbying Training

      • History and Purpose of the State Ethics Law
      • Administration of the State Ethics Law
      • Purposes of the Lobbying Provisions
      • Lobbying Reporting Requirements
      • Electronic Filing of Registration & Reports
      • Restrictions on Campaign Finance
      • Prohibitions Against Contingent Fee Agreements
      • Other Restrictions on Lobbyist Activities
      • Procurement Lobbying – Unlawful Conduct
      • Special Report Requirements for Lobbyists
      • Lobbyists Serving on State Boards, Commissions and Task Forces
      • Advice & Opinions
      • Enforcement Programs & Sanctions