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Legislative Events

The Public Ethics Law allows members of a “legislative unit” to be provided food and beverages as part of a reception or meal.  A “legislative unit” is defined as the entire General Assembly, either house of the General Assembly, a standing committee, a county or regional delegation of members of the General Assembly that  is recognized by a presiding officer.   A regulated lobbyist must extend a written invitation to all members of the legislative unit that are invited to the meal or reception and file the Commission’s “Five Day Notice” with the Department of Legislative Services at least 5 days before the date of the meal or reception.  Thereafter, the regulated lobbyist must file the “Fourteen Day Report” with the Commission 14 days after the meal or reception disclosing its total cost and any other sponsors and their contributions to the meal or reception.   These reports must be completed and filed through your account in the Lobbying Electronic Filing System.