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Financial Disclosure

Generally, members of boards and commissions are required to file a financial disclosure form within 30 days of appointment and thereafter annually by April 30th, and within 60 days of concluding their service. The forms disclose employment or interests that are related to the conflict of interest provisions of the Public Ethics Law, including places of employment and business ownership. The financial disclosure requirements for members of part-time boards and commissions are less detailed than the requirements applied to regular State employees and officials. However, part-time members of boards or commissions who are compensated for their service at a level of 25% or more of the compensation of a State Grade 16 employee are required to file more extensive disclosure. Please contact the Commission’s Office if you have any questions regarding which form to complete.

Commission’s Electronic Disclosure Filing System 

Amendments to Financial Disclosure Statements

If you discover an error or omission in a previously submitted Financial Disclosure Statement, you need to file an amendment to correct the issue(s).